Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lucas Gonze and Jon Udell

I listened to this Interview With Innovators. It brings to mind:
  • Dr. Lee's discussion in his last lecture on manuscripts about the lack of authorship.
  • Duncan Cragg's microweb
  • All the cataloging stuff about work and manifestation, etc. and the LibraryThing version of that.
  • Clay Shirky's talk at the Long Now Foundation.
  • Being useful. - serving
  • Ride match
This is a very unfocused talk, but very worth while.
  • audiokatia
  • rss
    • and Jon's frustration at its limit adoption
  • syndication
  • Bitzi
    • provides a unique identifier for a file
  • syndication
  • music playlists
  • curating

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