Friday, May 16, 2008

Cataloging Graphic Novels

  • Husson College, Bangor, 5/16/08
  • My Google Notebook for this is here.
  • monographs "never end" as distinct from serials
  • Graphic novels are a format.
  • There is a graphic novel material type.
  • Searching
    • Don't search by ISBN - you'll miss it hasn't been assigned
    • Rather, search by title
  • Overlay - wipes out the destination record - that's OK if there are only 3 lines.
  • Copying is a less drastic alternative to overlay.
  • If you've got a bad record, don't create a new record. Fix it.
  • "You're in a fix mode when you're doing these graphic novels"
  • Don't put prices on the 020. You can remove it if it's there.
  • If the paperback is basically the same as the hardback (it can be a cm or 2 off and a few pages off) it should be on the same record.
  • An adapted work is entered under the adaptor. You still give credit to the original author (245 |c & 700)
  • If it's not on the title page don't put it in.
  • 100 is main entry
  • 245 is title and statement of responsibility.
  • 245
    • |n numbered part
    • |p part name
  • 245 is the hardest part.


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