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Fwd: "jojoba" - Word of the Day from the OED

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jojoba, n.


(h{schwa}{sm}h{schwa}{shtu}b{schwa}) Formerly also jajoba, jojobe, jojove. [a. Sp. jojoba, ad. native Indian hohohwi.]

a. A desert shrub, Simmondsia chinensis (family Simmondsiaceae), native to northern Mexico and the south-western U.S., that is used for the oil it yields. Also, = *jojoba oil below.

1900 E. J. WICKSON California Fruits (ed. 3) 43 The 'jajoba' (Simmondsia californica) is a low shrub, the fresh fruits of which..are eaten like almonds. 1933 Bot. Gaz. LXXXXIV. 826 Simmondsia californica, commonly known in the southwest as 'jojobe' or 'jojove', is an evergreen shrub. 1958 Econ. Bot. XII. 261 Jojoba, the gray box bush, is a drought-resistant, long-lived, evergreen, desert shrub bearing fruit like an acorn set in sepals. 1983 Houston (Texas) Chron. 21 Aug. I. 19/5 The August harvest of jojoba looks good so far, raising the spirits of manufacturers of just about everything from food to floor wax. 1989 Times 31 Aug. 25/6 Jojoba is hardly absorbed in the gut{em}an attractive feature if you are trying to make low-calorie foods. 1989 Sunday Tel. 10 Dec. 43/4 Brown paper wrapped grapefruit and jojoba soap, £2.25.

b. jojoba oil, oil extracted from the fruit of the jojoba, used in cosmetics and as a substitute for sperm oil.

1975 Nature 22 May 272/3 Chemical analysis of jojoba oil has confirmed that it is strikingly similar in composition to sperm oil. 1986 Look Now Oct. 68/2 The Renewer Lotion contains collagen, jojoba oil and a special firming ingredient to smooth and soften the skin.

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