Sunday, January 04, 2009

I can't get colophon to work in RenderX

I get this error message no matter where I put the colophon tag:

C:\Program Files\RenderX\XEP>xep
(document [system-id file:/C:/Program Files/RenderX/XEP/myAnnotatedInterfaceCult]
    [error] Element 'fo:page-sequence' cannot be a child of 'fo:flow'. Only bloc
k-level elements are permitted in this context.
    [validation total: 1 error]
Parse error: Invalid XSL FO source 'file:/C:/Program Files/RenderX/XEP/myAnnotat': 1 error found during validation

So I guess I'll make it a section with a title.

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Hans-Peter Carpenter said...

I just got that, in my 1000+ pages (in the PDF) xml file, which built fine until now, I have not changed it in a long time, now all of a sudden I get this error. I have changed the xsl, though. I guess that must be the problem, why my other 20 documents convert fine (some are even bigger) I would not know...

I really like this error message, a line number would come in handy here ... so I am trapped!