Monday, August 04, 2008

A substitute kludglet for urls

8/12/08 Update: I've replace dm.htm with d4m.htm. Try this and this.

The new doesn't work well on the Blazer browser on my Palm T|X. Every page gets a "page too large" error. The old didn't work that well, so I often used urls that worked well: the were fast and used the small screen efficiently. urls are gone. A mobile is promised, but until it arrives I've come up with a kludge for helps. is an html/javascript applet that is my attempt to substitute for some of the things I used to do with urls.

This url:

does what this url:

used to do for me in the old

This is not as fast as the old urls (which were very fast) but I still find it useful on my TX. I imagine it could be useful on other slow and/or small screen devices.

These are some other substitute urls for some other urls I've used:
The page uses the Linkroll script and thus the Linkroll script parameters (instead of the old parameters). I use the Linkroll page to build my url and then extract the arguments and append them to the delhtmljs.htm url.

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NDA said...

It's fast enough and _very_ nice. Thanks!