Friday, October 19, 2007

Fwd: reel pizza update/schedule

e-greetings to all

here are the films playing at Reel Pizza from October 19 - 25.
See you soon.


Fri Oct 19 - Thurs Oct 25
EASTERN PROMISES (R) 96min 6:00 and 8:15

Fri Oct 19 - Mon Oct 22
IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON (PG) 100min 5:30 and 7:45

Tues Oct 23 - Thurs Oct 25
LADRON QUE ROBA A LADRON (PG-13) 98min 5:30 and 7:45


Hi everyone

Here is the text of the schedule that takes us up to the time of our family
break. Perhaps today's awarding of the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE to Al Gore for his
work in spreading awareness about man-made climate change with the goal of
reversing it will inspire you to bring your families to see this week's midweek
movie, THE 11TH HOUR. One of the strong points of this film about the impact
humans have had on the Earth is a considerable discussion about possible,
alternative solutions that can point us towards a more sustainable future. THE
11TH HOUR screens Tues Oct 16 - Thurs Oct 18 at both 5:30 and 7:30.

-Lisa and Chris.

To our wonderful community,

We are getting to that dreaded time of year again, and, even though we aren't
going away anywhere (insert very sad face here), we are still going to take a
break (our closing night will be Mon Nov 12th), fix some things that want
repair, perhaps even make some improvements, and host our family for
Thanksgiving. And we promise to reopen before the New Year begins.

We look forward to another year of inviting our senior friends for winter
matinees, hosting events for our local non-profits, displaying unique art, and
seeing all our community come together for food, film, fun and fraternity.

Make someone you love happy this holiday season with a REEL PIZZA gift
certificate or BIG TICKET pass. Send me an email ( or
a card (PO Box 625, 04609), leave a message (288-3828), or grab me at the
market or the postoffice, and we will set you up properly.

We appreciate you all for being so enthusiastic about what we do
here. We are grateful for all your comments, both complimentary and
critical, and your unflagging support of our community cinema. THANKS
from all of us for helping to make 2007 another successful year, and
here's to more and better in 2008.

Let the winter begin!
-Chris, Lisa, Pierce and Chloe (who turn TEN in November!)

CAROL SHUTT Hulls Cove BETWEEN THE LINES: The Power And Spirit of Words

Carol Shutt received her degree in Fine Arts from Syracuse University and
has been teaching and making art ever since. She considers herself a mixed
media artist and likes to explore ideas through a variety of techniques and
The work in this show is very different from other work Carol Shutt has
created, and is her response to ongoing political and social issues.
About this work, which was begun in a personal journal but eventually made
its way into her art , she says, ?The morning headlines, which bombard me
like incendiary devices, stay with me throughout my day. The art you see in
this show has been a way for me to respond to and look for meaning in these
headlines. This work integrates my interest in words and my love of art
making, and reflects my concerns for our world.?

Fri Oct 19 - Mon Oct 22
Between 1968 and 1972, nine American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon, and 12 men
walked upon its surface. This intimate epic is full of stunning archival
footage, much never used before and now remastered for this film, plus the
original audio recordings from mission control have been for the first time
seamlessly lip-synched to soundless 16mm footage of many historic moments.
This extraordinary film brings together most surviving crew members from every
Apollo mission that flew to the moon (including Jim Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, Dave
Scott, John Young, Gene Cernan, Mike Collins, Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell,
Charlie Duke and Harrison Schmitt) who tell their riveting, witty stories in
their own words.

Tues Oct 23 - Thurs Oct 25
LADRÓN QUE ROBA A LADRÓN (PG-13) 98min [mostly in Spanish with subtitles]
This lively, intelligent and hilarious heist picture features an engaging
multi-ethnic Latino cast. Set in contemporary Los Angeles in the service
economy reality of many immigrants, two petty thieves plan to rob the biggest
thief they know of. He is a slick, local infomercial guru who has become
insanely rich selling his worthless snake oil to unsuspecting, poor immigrants.
But his empire seems almost impossible to infiltrate, until they decide to use
real day laborers to gain access. Full of humor and heart, this entertaining
caper proves that being underestimated is sometimes your best advantage.

Fri Oct 26 - Mon Oct 29
2 DAYS IN PARIS (R) 96min [partly in French with subtitles]
In her directing debut, Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset) has made an
honest and sharply observed romantic comedy that follows the attempts by a
French expat photographer (Delpy) and her American interior designer boyfriend
(Adam Goldberg) to reignite the spark in their relationship with a trip to
Europe. After a disastrous visit to Venice, they go to Paris to meet her
overbearing parents (played by Delpy?s real parents) for a few days. But his
inability to speak French makes him increasingly uneasy, and seemingly everyone
they meet is her former boyfriend or potential suitor.

Tues Oct 30 - Thurs Nov 1
Director Charles Furgeson, former Brookings Institute senior fellow and MIT
political scientist, examines how the principle errors of US policy in the
first years of the war ?the use of insufficient troop levels allowing the
looting of Baghdad, the purging of professionals from the Iraqi government, and
the disbanding of the Iraqi military ?largely created the insurgency that has
had our country in such a quagmire for so long. His credentials earned him
candid interviews with Senior Bush administration officials, including Deputy
Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Colin
Powell?s Chief of Staff Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson and General Jay Garner,
head of Iraq Operations through May 2003. Winner of the Sundance Special Jury
Prize, this critically acclaimed documentary ?with a thirst for history that
transcends ideology? (Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly), and ?as lucid
as it is level-headed, with a potential to reach across partisan lines?
(Dennis Lim, Los Angeles Times) is widely considered of all recent docs on the
subject of the war to be ?the least partisan and most compelling? (Jack
Mathews, NY Daily News).

Fri Nov 2 - Mon Nov 5
In this dynamic, observant film adaptation of Karen Joy Fowler?s bestseller,
director/screenwriter Robin Swicord (screenwriter of Little Women, and Memoirs
of a Geisha) reveals the lives of a group of friends (a tight-knit ensemble of
actors, including Maria Bello, Emily Blunt, Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman, Hugh
Dancy and Maggie Grace), through the witty prism of their literary heroine. A
group of six meets monthly at each other?s houses. From their discussions of
Austen?s oeuvre emerge echoes, parallels and predictions of their current
situations, loves and lives.

Tues Nov 6 - Thurs Nov 8
With much humor and compassion, Tom DiCillo (Living in Oblivion, The Real
Blonde) fractures the fairytale of fame, its glamour and its isolation.
Cranky, small time celebrity photographer Les (Steve Buscemi), deep in a
mid-life crisis, can?t seem to get the break he needs to get the exclusive
photo to make his career. He meets a young homeless man who hopes to get into
acting (Michael Pitt) who becomes his assistant in exchange for room in his
closet. When the young man?s acting career takes off after meeting a starlet
(Alison Lohman), his paparazzi mentor becomes increasingly resentful. Elvis
Costello makes a cameo appearance as himself.

Fri Nov 2 - Mon Nov 12
Brand new, this animated film from creator Jerry Seinfeld is about a bee who
doesn?t want to spend his life making honey. He bucks tradition and heads
off on a journey of self-discovery where he meets a nice florist (Renee
Zellweger). When he shockingly discovers that humans actually steal their
precious gold, he decides his life?s work is to stop this injustice in its
tracks and set the world right by suing the human race.


A Russian teenager dies while giving birth. Naomi Watts plays a midwife
determined to find the newborn?s relatives, armed with only the girl?s
diary, written in Russian, and a business card. Viggo Mortensen is the
charismatic, trusted driver of the volatile son of the head of London?s
Russian Mafia. The family?s more unsavory business operates hidden behind
the front of a high-end restaurant. The intersection of these two lives sets
into motion a harrowing chain of murder, deceit, and retribution. This
mesmerizing thriller is from director David Cronenberg (A History of Violence)
and screenwriter Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things).

George Clooney, Tom Wilkerson, and Tilda Swinton star in the gripping
debut film
of director Tony Gilroy (screenwriter of all three BOURNE films). This
character-driven thriller features Clooney as the chief ?fixer? at a
prestigious, powerful law firm whose personal life is in a shambles and is deep
in his boss?s (Sydney Pollock) debt; Swinton is the chief counsel at an
agrochemical company facing a class action law suit; Wilkerson is his good
friend, the feared lead attorney defending the knowingly guilty company just
enough to keep the case in limbo. But when Wilkerson goes off the deep end, it
becomes Clooney?s job to clean up the mess.

Boldly colorful and ambitious, Julie Taymor (Frida, Broadway?s The Lion King)
brings her rich visual flair, as well as her hallmark giant puppets and dancing
troupes, to this unique romantic musical. This story of young love in the
counter culture of lower Manhattan?s East Village set against the Vietnam War
is told through the lyrics of 33 classic Beatles songs. Jude (Jim Sturgess), a
Liverpool ship?s welder, ends up in NYC, meets Max (Joe Anderson) and, with
his sister Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), they share an apartment with some musician
friends JoJo, Sadie and Prudence.


and many more...